Persuasive Communication

Persuasive Communication

This powerful and informative class will assist you in reading body language of customers,and other casual contacts. Learn to decode the hidden meanings of verbal communications.
By examining the eyes, arms, legs, and overall body posture, you will realize that many contradictions exist between what the body projects and stated words. By identifying the non-verbal clues of body language, you will be able to adjust your body language accordingly and establish a rapport that will insure that you get what you want!


Learn how to read the body and trump a “silver tongue.”
Be Direct. Learn how to express yourself and still respect the rights of others.
Replace fear with power by learning how to set boundaries and shift your thinking.
Mirror body language and establish rapport.
Greet and serve customers in a way that identifies you as cooperative, likable, charming and authoritative.
Use the “SOFTEN” technique to make people more receptive to your attempts at contact.

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