"Last Call" Beverage Server Education (Dram Shop)

Beverage Server Education

This is an informative program designed to educate the beverage server on all aspects of proper alcohol service and reduce your business liability under Dram Shop laws.

 The term “dram shop” comes from 18th century businesses in England that sold gin by the spoonful, called a dram. Dram Shop laws hold retail establishments accountable for any harm -death, injury, or other damages – caused by an intoxicated patron.

 Today, Dram Shop laws make it possible for bar owners and alcohol servers to be held financially liable for over-serving customers on their premises when that customer subsequently injures someone or causes property damage, typically by drunk driving. Alcohol education is an important piece when training your liquor store and bar staff.


Learn server responsibility
Dispel myths about impairing quantities

Learn how much is enough

Learn how to correctly check IDs
Reduce liability under DRAM Shop laws
Learn how to recognize fake IDs
Reduce accidents and injuries
Recognize impaired customers or employees
Create safer environment for customers & staff

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